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To use this platform on PC, TronLink or TronPay extension must be installed on your Google Chrome browser. If you are using smartphone TronWallet [iOS] or TronWallet [Android] is suitable. Put some TRX in your wallet and begin!
When interacting with smart contracts, it's always better to freeze some TRX to gain Energy. This way energy will be consumed when triggering smart contract's functions, instead of TRX.
1. By using the slider, pick a number that you predict the result will be under
2. Key in your bet amount in the bet amount box
3. Click Roll
4. Optionally toggle the auto betting toggler for automatic rolling
5. Regardless of winning or losing, u get 1% of your waged amount added to your available balance
1. There is a 1% house edge
2. 50% of the house profits will be distributed to PYRA holders
3. Distribution will be done every 48 hours